This portfolio is a work in progress. Some of the projects below are not 100% finished and are listed in no particular order.

Feel free to look over one of our work portfolios below!


So Nothing Ink

SoNothing.Ink A profile done for an up and coming artist who expresses himself through many different medias.

  • Mixed media portfolio with one main section and a few subsections for each artistic medium
  • Blog portion is created and in place, but artist needs more daily free time before it can go live
  • Facebook, twitter, myspace, and other social networking tie-ins also coming soon

R U Affiliated?
R U Affiliated?

View SoNothingInk Here!


R U Affiliated

ruaffiliated.com is a website I made for a local hiphop artist that I thought showed promise. He had some talent and I wanted to help him reach a wider audience so I made ruaffiliated up for him and he loves it!

  • Site autoplays one of the songs from the album!
  • Album downloads from the site and a mirror
  • Facebook tie-ins for traffic flow

R U Affiliated?
R U Affiliated?
Please note that viewing the page below will auto-start a song by this artist!!!!!

View R U Affiliated Here!

Please note that viewing the page above will auto-start a song by this artist!!!!!


Outdoor Army Store +Plus!

This website is for an Army/Navy store in Butler County, Pennsylvania which is owned and operated by an Army veteran and very good guy. This website is a work in progress as of this writing, but will include a full store and other fun website and social networking things in the very near future!

  • Full webstore coming soon!
  • Ebay and amazon store tie-ins
  • Customer/user fed military surplus review tie-in to store

Please note that this site still needs a bit of work with the text and colors.
Outdoor Army Store +Plus!

View Outdoor Army Store +Plus Here!


City Glam Events

City Glam Events is a local event/party planning business that was in need of a website. The website was made to the customers specifications. I used the customers own words and text in their uncut form for this website.

  • Picture gallery to display previous parties/work
  • Rotating banner to show off a different set of photos that were all of a similar size.
  • Customer guestbook to leave company feedback or reviews on the company and its work.

Please note that I used the customers own words and text in their uncut form for this website.
City Glam Events
City Glam Events

View City Glam Events Here!



GutterCandy is an adult modelling site focusing exclusively on "alternative" models. Tattoos, piercings, crazy dyed hair, etc are all things that accent the beauty that is the female form, and we love it all! The site hosts both nude and clothed models, and will also feature male models and GutterCandy model video at a later date. There is nothing like seeing a relatively open market and grabbing it all at once!

GutterCandy's Old Home Page

Sample Model Profile
Sample Model Profile



Woned is a forum all about sharing internet/electronic resources among friends.

Woned Index

Woned Member Profile


Ties Group Connections-

Ties is all about connecting large groups in an easy to use, wholesome environment that the young and old alike can use so everyone can keep in touch. We plan to mainly supply churches with this software. We have a long list of features planned and you can see a few of them below!

  • Every member of the group will have their own customizable profile page including space to include their pictures, news, blog entries, and more!
  • Group and individual polls so members or group leaders can get others thoughts on anything!
  • A recipe book for members to share their favorite recipes all securely on the site!
  • Convenient groups to break the main group into different families or social groups!
  • More features to be listed further into development!

Please note that any symbols below are merely placeholders and that this is not a final product.
Ties Group Connections

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